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Important things to know about your Visa Gift Card

  • Your Visa Gift Card is already activated and is ready to use.
  • When using your Visa Gift Card in-store please select CREDIT and use the PIN located under the scratch panel on the back of the card.
  • For purchases above the card balances please use a split payment.
  • Your Visa Gift Card can be used in-store, over the phone, online, and overseas – wherever Visa Gift Cards are accepted.
  • Your Visa Gift Card is issued with a strict expiry date which is printed on the front of the card. Make sure that you use the card before this date. Please see below.
To view your card balance and transaction history, please enter your Card Activation Code
(located on the back of your card) and click Login to Submit
Card Activation Code

If your card has expired please read the important information below

Please check your card expiry printed on the front of the card, labelled valid thru. After the valid thru date has lapsed the card is no longer functional. The valid thru date runs through to the end of the month printed on the card. For example, if your card is printed valid thru 08/21, this means your card is valid until 31st August 2021.

If your card was received as a part of a loyalty program, rewards scheme or promotion, it is issued with a strict expiry period which is printed on the front of the card. These expiry dates are in accordance with the ACCC rules around gift card expiry and terms of use. Please note the terms and conditions covering cards issued as part of a loyalty program, rewards scheme or promotion greatly differ to those cards purchased retail.

Please note in some instances gift cards might have been re-gifted. At the time of selection, the original recipient of the gift card has been made aware of all gift card expiry periods.

ACCC Terms & Conditions regarding Gift Card Expiry

The three-year requirement does not apply to gift cards that are:

  • able to be reloaded or topped up.
  • donated for promotional purposes (e.g. a business handing out $15 vouchers to passers-by for its grand opening).
  • available only for a specified period (e.g. performance of a visiting ballet company).
  • supplied at a genuine discount (e.g. $60 card for a massage valued at $100).
  • part of an employee reward scheme.
  • part of a customer loyalty program.
  • second-hand gift cards.
  • part of a temporary marketing promotion (e.g. customers buy a certain product from Business A, which provides a $50 voucher to use at Business B).

For full condition details on gift card expiry please visit the ACCC website page.